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Learn How to Order

Now that you've made the exciting decision to try some essential oils or essential oil enhanced products - it's time to decide which type of account to setup:

Wholesale Accounts (Wholesale Member)

Similar to a membership in a buying club (like Costco), you have the opportunity to purchase products at the wholesale cost. For most orders, that means a big savings - up to 24%. To get started with a Wholesale Account, be sure to check the box marked "Wholesale Member" on the next page. Then, there will be a one-time account setup fee. In return for this fee, you'll receive a Starter Kit of your choice! At any point, if you would like to share the products with others, this gives you the option to earn commissions. That being said, you are never under any obligation to do so. Your wholesale account remains active as long as you place at least one order of $50.00 every 12 months.

Retail Account (Retail Member)

Retail customer accounts are just like ordering elsewhere online - you browse the Product Catalog (click on words "product catalog" and a pdf of the product catalog will pop-up) and purchase all products at the retail price. To get started with this type of account just click the box marked "Retail Customer" on the next page. Your customer account remains active as long as you place at least one order every 12 months.

Comparison of the Young Living Membership Options:

Membership Option    Product Cost                      Essential Rewards    Earn Commissions    Starter Kit

Wholesale Member       Wholesale (24% off retail)    Optional                      Optional                       Required

Retail Customer               Full Retail                             Not Available              Not Available                Optional