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Thank you for learning more on how to Become a Member.  Think of your Young Living membership just like SAMS Club or COSTCO. You can shop when you want or need something, and when you don’t, there’s no pressure to buy. You will never be bothered by our team to work the business opportunity. You will simply be able to purchase at the discounted price.  So, what are you waiting for? You are gonna love this…




The best value is our Premium Starter Kit with Everyday Oils!  It is THE place to start.  There are two other Premium options to choose from, and we will mention them below, but seriously, this $160 kit is THE BIGGEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK.

This kit comes with 11 fabulous 5ml bottles of oil!  Yes, 11!  What we LOVE about this kit is that it puts 10 of our most popular oils in your house at a huge discount!  Along with those 10 amazing oils, you also get a 5 ml bottle of Stress Away.

And, you get 2 sample packs of Ningxia Red 2oz. each.  And, a 1oz. sample of Thieves Household Cleaner.  And, you ALSO get the diffuser included for the same price!

Did you know, Young Living's Premium Starter Kit is the Only Item that is priced at 50% OFF?

Yes, the estimated retail value of the Kit is $324 and you can purchase it for only $160!

Did you know that once you become a wholesale member by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit, you are a wholesale member for life and everything you purchase will be 24% OFF the Retail Price?

One of the best benefits of joining Our Team is that you get full access to all our private Facebook groups for our members only!  We're not the untouchable superstars that you will never get to meet; we're people just like you, learning to live a more healthy lifestyle together. 

We still teach our people locally and online for our teams who live across the world, and we travel frequently and would be happy to lead a class in your area!


So, are you ready?  Because, we're ready to welcome you when you join us here

Watch a short video on how to order!

How to order a Young Living Premium Starter Kit:

1. Go to www.youngliving.com, click United States, English

2.  Click "Become a Member" & choose Wholesale Member.  You never want retail-you pay 24% more!

3.  Choose, "I was referred by a member" Enter Sponsor #1837125 & Enroller #1837125

4. Pick a Username, Password, & 4 digit PIN, enter & write them down

5. Choose your Premium Starter Kit

6.  Essential Rewards: Opt in/out; can start or stop at any time and can change your order every month if you choose.

7.  Select "Continue Shopping" if you would like to add additional items

8.  Complete the Check Out to purchase

Or call 1-800-371-3515 and ask to be enrolled under Sponsor/Enroller #1837125

That's it!!  Your kit will be on it's way to you and we'll be notified that you've joined our team, so we can get you plugged in to our learning resources right away!!